Manny Pacquiao is my icon of bravery. Pacquiao is just a normal guy whenever he’s outside the

ring.But, when he’s in it…he fights like it is his last fight.He is realy small compared to other

boxers.He is also not that wealthy compared to others to.But now people all over the world knows

him. He has already defeated Hall of Fame boxers like Oscar Dela Hoya , Juan Manuel Marquez ,

Miguel Cotto , Morales , Ricky Hatton and many more.Before he was operating a pandesal store.

But now, he is on the cover of every magazine , on all the commercials , famous talk shows , and he

even has his own shoe line.For me Manny Pacquiao is realy brave because even if he is just a small

person….He challenges the biggest persons and the strongest.To this ,  he is inspired by his home

country..the PHILIPPINES!