Our new president President Benigno “NOYNOY” Aquino the third during his inagural speech that he is now implementing the NO WANG WANG policy or no SIREN policy here int the policy.

WHY?…..its because some politicians or citizens who have a busy schedule tend to abuse the Siren.     HOW?……yes, the siren is allowed in the philippines but since our country is prone to heavy traffic in different areas,people with sirens tend to turn them on just to skip traffic.

Although these sirens can come in handy sometimes.

whenever you are late for a realy important meeting i think it is okay to turn on the siren.Or if you are being rushed to hospital and its a life and death situation sirens should be use.

there a re bad effects but also good effects with the use of sirens.If you want to use sirens we should just use it in times we realy need them.We should not use them just to skip traffic because we are all human beings and we have desame rights with one another.