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high school entrance

i just had my XAVIER HIGHSCHOOL EBTRANCE EXAM and…it was pretty easy.Ofcourse i guessed some of the questions but overall i think i did great.When I talked to my friends about it they also said that it was quite easy. I HOPE I WILL HAVE A SMILE ON MY FACE WHEN THE RESULTS COME.



its the start of the season…we have to win this season

last year was a bad season 2 wins 7 losses.!

this year is gonna be better

with a new lineup of players,new coaches and ofcourse the brand new field

if been part of the team for almost 7 years now and I want to keep on going


Activity on Ctation

1.De Guzman S. 2010 “Voice of the Filipino Youth”

Quezon City: UP Press

2.Aquino F. 2009  “This is our Chance”

“Pinoy Kasi” volume number 9 issue 4 pages 45-50

3.Pulido M.24 Oras, GMA-7, September 26, 2009.

typhoon Ondoy

4.Xavier School 2010 Xavier grade school reading of honors

Xavier School Website

5.Casillas Ikerteam captain of Spain football team July 12,2010 South Africa

experience in winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup

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